The Elizabeth Fry Society of Peterborough is committed to advocating and providing services for all criminalized and imprisoned women, as well as those at risk of criminalization.

We recognize the rights of women to dignity and respect in all aspects of their involvement with the criminal justice system. We are committed to working with other agencies and all levels of government with similar principles and objectives.

What We Do

We provide gender responsive services and programs which promote the empowerment of women who are, have been or may be in conflict with the criminal justice system.

We initiate social action and foster community involvement and responsibility in efforts directed at social change, reform of the criminal justice system, and development of community alternatives to incarceration.

We promote community awareness, knowledge and understanding of the issues faced by women involved in the criminal justice system and the conditions which contribute to women becoming criminalized.

Did You Know?

Many women in prison are mothers, the majority of whom were sole-support parents before prison. When a mother is incarcerated, her children can also face emotional and psychological trauma from the separation. Too often they end up in child welfare systems that do not have adequate resources to fully address their needs, exacting further human, social and economic costs on the children and their communities.

The cost of imprisoning a woman in a federal prison is now estimated by corrections to average $175,000 per year and can be higher than $250,000 per year for women kept in the most isolated and segregated conditions of confinement, such as the segregated maximum security units in the prisons for women.

According to the Ontario Parole and Earned Release Board, parole grants decreased from 3,833 in 1993-1994 to 361 in 2002-2003. The decline of provincial parole in Ontario brings significant human, social, and economic costs considering the damaging effect of imprisonment on individuals, the lack of community support and supervision to assist community integration and minimize recidivism, and the expensive cost of keeping people in prisons.

United Way Member Agency

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Through the use of volunteer fund review teams and responsible stewardship, United Way of Peterborough & District allocates funds to meet current and changing human care needs within the community.