Our services are available to all women in the Peterborough area. Our programs are designed to help women engage in community alternatives to incarceration and develop skills to prevent further incarceration. Programming is also provided to women within the Central East Correctional Centre (CECC) in Lindsay, and we provide follow-up re-integration work with women upon their release. Supportive counselling is an important component of our programming as it often focuses on helping women become prepared for further counselling and other supportive programs.

Court Support

This service offers advocacy and support in court for women appearing on charges. The Court Support Worker provides information about court procedures, counselling, assistance at the time of sentencing and referrals to other service providers. Advocacy during court appearances is made available at the Peterborough Courts.

Prisoner Advocacy

This service assists women through their incarceration at the Central East Correctional Centre (CECC) in Lindsay by providing legal support and advocacy on individual and human rights issues. The Prisoner Advocate acts as the liaison between the CECC and the prisoner. The program “Taking Control: Making Healthy Relationship Choices” is provided for women during their incarceration period, as is 1:1 supportive counselling (as needed).

Group Counselling Programs

Group programming is available to all women in the Peterborough area. Our groups aim to reduce social isolation and help women to build the necessary skills to establish and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. Please see the Programs page for more information about specific programming.

Peterborough Community Support Court

The Community Support Court is a specialized criminal court which is designed to assist individuals with mental health and/or substance use issues and/or intellectual impairment. CSC is an opportunity for individuals who have had many encounters with the justice system, and if connected, are currently facing a custodial sentence, to enter into a treatment plan before the court and address the issues that underlie the criminal behavior. The treatment plan will be specific to your needs. It will provide you with goals and help you become stabilized and supported within the community.

 Bail Verification and Supervision Program

The Bail Verification and Supervision Program (BVSP) includes the verification of information about accused persons at bail hearings and the supervision of accused persons as an alternative to custody while awaiting a court disposition and/or trial.

Restorative Justice Circle

This process allows victims to speak to the impact an offence has had on them and identify what they need to make things right. The offender in turn takes responsibility for their actions and has an opportunity to repair harm and seek forgiveness.

My experience with the Restorative Justice Circle was a learning curve to say the least. Initially I wasn’t thrilled to have to face my victims. The E Fry staff walked me through the whole process, and as she explained to me the process and how the circle would unfold, I actually began to look forward to it.

At first I understood the circle to be a way in which I would avoid having the charge going on my criminal record. Eventually my view changed to it being about accountability and understanding. When all sides are heard and respected, there is a more accurate understanding of what has taken place. Most importantly, through a circle there is opportunity for forgiveness.

I walked away from that circle standing taller. I faced the people that I had hurt, listened to how my choices impacted their lives, and was afforded the privilege to speak from my heart. Had I gone through the regular court process, I doubt very much any of this would or could have happened.